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Putin silk

Based on Baolai yarn, it retains the advantages of Baolai yarn in high elasticity, environmental protection and degradation; The added silk is draping, smooth and hygroscopic, and its fabric is skin friendly, glossy and not easy to pilling; It is favored by high-end brands.

key word:

Knitting Yarn


Putin silk composition: composite of continuous spinning rayon and high elastic nylon filament.

Advantages: It has a super strong linen feel. The yarn fabric is green, smooth, dry, shiny, breathable and moisturizing. It has a high and stable weaving rate and is the first choice for high-end clothing.


Number of branches component
1/24NMD Putin silk Bio based filament 65%+nylon 35%
1/28NMD Putin silk Biological filament 75%+nylon 25%
1/30NMD Putin silk Bio based filament 80%+nylon 20%
1/37NMB Putin silk Biological filament 77%+nylon 23%
1/42NMB Putin silk Bio based filament 71%+nylon 29%
1/56NMB Putin silk Bio based filament 63%+nylon 37%
1/64NMB Putin silk Bio based filament 72%+nylon 28%


Scope of application:


Molar protein yarn

Molar protein yarn uses Molar protein fiber and elastic PBT as raw materials, and the fabric is blended with high quality ratio, which has natural mildew resistance and antibacterial property and excellent elasticity: soft luster like silk, soft and fluffy feel, and light and temperature locking.

Molar protein wool

Molar wool yarn is made of Molar protein fiber, elastic PBT and mercerized wool by blending with high quality ratio. The fabric has natural anti mildew and antibacterial properties, and is healthy and comfortable: excellent elasticity, soft and fluffy feel, and light and warm wearing.


Ingredients: Lyocell, high elastic polyurethane fiber, wool, etc. Advantages: like silk, it is soft, plump and delicate, soft, silky and soft, which is comfortable both visually and tactically.

Damask brocade

Composition: acetate yarn, polyester Advantages: silky and smooth like silk, with strong luster, the fabric is light and wrinkle resistant. It is favored by high-end brands.


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