The full-time directors and supervisors of Hengtian Group went to Hengtian Baoli for research


On June 8, 2017, a delegation of four including Xu Shen, the full-time director and supervisor of Hengtian Group, accompanied by Li Jianwei, the chairman of Hengtian Baolisi, and Luo Jianping, the general manager, visited Hengtian Baolisi for research.

Xu Shen and his delegation successively visited the dyeing workshop, the trough cylinder workshop and the line making workshop, and highly praised the basic facilities, process improvement level and rapid development of Evergrande Polaroid. This is the second survey conducted by the directors and supervisors since Hengtian Baoli was founded. All directors and supervisors expressed that they had witnessed the development and growth of Hengtian Baoli over the past year. The site was clean and orderly, and the key manufacturing technology had obvious advantages. They hoped to make persistent efforts to transform soft technology into hard strength.

After the visit, Xu Shen and his delegation listened to Luo Jianping's work report on the company's production and operation, market development, development ideas and development plans from January to May 2017, and Li Jianwei's work report on party building in the conference room of the office building. Members of the team introduced in detail the new ideas of technological innovation and steadily promoting intelligent manufacturing. After listening to the report, all directors and supervisors expressed their approval.

Xu Shen and his delegation placed high hopes on the future development of Evergrande Polaroid. He said that Evergrande Polaroid should rely on the resources of the group company and its deep R&D and innovation ability to accelerate its entry into the capital market.

The members of the leadership of Evergrande Polaroid said that the future is a long way to go. The company will make every effort to do a good job in production and operation, standardize the existing production management, gradually achieve the goals and tasks, actively and steadily promote the development of the company, and lay a foundation for the group company to take the lead in the field of knitting yarn in the future.