Liu Haitao, President of Hengtian Group, and Wang Dongxing, Vice President of Hengtian Group visited Hengtian Baolisi




On April 21, 2017, a delegation led by Liu Haitao, President of Hengtian Group, Wang Dongxing, President of Hengtian Fiber Group, accompanied by Li Jianwei, President of Hengtian Baolisi, and Luo Jianping, General Manager, visited Hengtian Baolisi. Liu Haitao and his delegation successively visited the dyeing workshop, trough cylinder workshop and line manufacturing workshop. Luo Jianping introduced the company's business development, product research and development, new project construction and development planning in detail.

Liu Haitao spoke highly of the infrastructure, process improvement and rapid development of Evergrande Polaroid, affirmed the development of products, the impact of brands and the mode of production, education and research, and placed high hopes on the future development of the company. He emphasized that the construction of Evergrande Polaroid should conform to the strategic positioning of Evergrande Group, give play to its geographical advantages, establish a national R&D center in the Tianmu Lake plate, and be the first in the country and the third in the world in the subdivision of high-end yarn.

Wang Dongxing required to do the following work well: the original Baolisi land was changed into commercial development land, and the profits obtained should be invested in the construction of the industrial park; Actively apply for national projects and strive for project funds within the policy scope; We will do a good job in Party building, establish a Party branch, and ensure the smooth implementation of transformation and upgrading.

Mayor Wang of Liyang said that the government will coordinate the supporting issues of Evergrande Polaroid in the promotion of the project. After the expansion project is completed, the government will allocate 600 mu of land to ensure the official launch of Hengtian Baoli Project and accelerate the pace of the capital market.

The members of the leadership of Evergrande Polaroid said that the company will spare no effort in project construction, standardize the existing production management, and gradually achieve its goals, laying the foundation for the large-scale development of the group company in the field of knitting yarn in the future.