2018 Hengtian Baolisi "Yuansi" Yarn Appears at Shanghai Fashion Week


It is a new year and everything is renewed. On October 13, the finished product release show of "Yuansi · Rejuvenation" meticulously created by Hengtian Fiber Group appeared in Shanghai Fashion Week. This release was strongly supported by Beijing Institute of Fashion, Shanghai Textile Association and Shanghai Fashion Week Organizing Committee.

As a new fiber material dominated by Hengtian Fiber Group, "Yuansi" was developed and produced under the leadership of Hengtian Baoli. Once it appeared, it attracted great attention from the domestic and foreign industries. "Yuansi" is a 100% natural degradable pollution-free regenerated cellulose fiber. It is a new material fiber under the trend of environmental protection and high quality requirements in the 21st century. It has gradually penetrated into home textiles, non-woven fabrics, woven fabrics, knitting and other fields, and its market share has gradually increased. At the same time, it is suitable for medical materials, cosmetics and other emerging fields. The birth of "Yuansi" broke the product monopoly of foreign companies in the Chinese market and established a new pattern of Lyocell fiber industry.

As a supplier of high-quality raw materials, in order to speed up the market promotion of Lyocell products and improve the brand awareness of Lyocell, the company has carried out professional and systematic market analysis and positioning, brand planning and packaging, established product identification system, and brand communication planning, launched the high-end brand of Lyocell - "Yuansi", and implemented the brand strategy of "Yuansi", so that Lyocell products can enter the international and domestic markets as soon as possible and gain recognition from more users. In order to develop "Yuansi" well, the company is establishing an intelligent development and production platform for new fiber materials represented by "Yuansi", and formulating a development plan for the whole industry chain.

Fashion Week is an interactive platform for designers, buyers, brand enterprises, supply chains and fashion consumers. In the era of sales as the king, various exhibitions have mushroomed, and the "show and buy" model has also emerged. The sales end of the industrial chain has received more and more attention, but the huge upstream supply end is easy to be ignored. The fashion industry is a cluster integrating many elements such as design concept, platform construction, enterprise operation, media publicity, etc. When the streamer phantom on the catwalk, the dream of designers and brand enterprises comes into reality, the supply side urgently needs to stand behind the scenes and launch its own raw material brand.

The drooping texture and soft luster brought by the rich and exquisite yuan silk of Polaroid and the high-level sense of the simple and generous design style of Topknitting team make it a fashionable show at Shanghai Fashion Week this season. The 62 sets of clothes released this time are all made of "Yuansi", which has gone through the whole process of spinning, dyeing, weaving into cloth and making into clothes. Hengtian Baoli Silk carries out the research and development of new "Yuansi" yarn, and cooperates with Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology to carry out the application and development of "Yuansi" productization and clothing. "Yuansi" is soft and comfortable, bright colored after dyeing, with the handle and elegant luster of real silk, easy to take care of and infinite style. The designers' insight into gold, casual exploration and careful use have endowed "Yuansi" with extraordinary life. From zero space and no boundaries, to the beginning of the flowers, to the colorful, and then to the fall of China and return to nature, the charm of "Yuansi" is gorgeous.