2018 Crossing the Fashion Night of Beijing - Yuansi


In line with the national strategy, Hengtian Group has actively developed cultural and creative industries in recent years, and has taken the initiative to create a series of "Fashion • Beijing" activities, which were held in the Beijing Exhibition Hall from November 3 to 6 to promote the development of experience economy and promote the upgrading of the national fashion consumption industry. The "Fashion • Beijing" series of activities, with the fashion lifestyle as the core display concept, the fashion experience as the core appeal point, and the innovative design to express the fashion life attitude, has won the favor of many enterprises and audiences, and has become one of the important fashion innovation activities in Beijing.

On the evening of November 2, a series of activities began with the Fashion • Beijing Night. With the theme of "Crossing the Grand Show", the Fashion • Beijing Night adopts catwalk, dance drama and other interpretation methods, integrating fashion life elements such as clothing, clothing accessories, catwalk display, and cutting-edge technology; The projection virtual reality system and AR augmented reality technology are used to make the virtual and reality interact with each other in a fashion driven way. Here, the ancient silk culture is presented, the fashion style with modern sense is displayed, and the Chinese clothing with high definition is displayed by means of science and technology. Liu Tongtong and Ma Qing, China's top models, and Yin Juan, the champion of the New Silk Road World Model Contest, led the show. Many models presented a beautiful visual feast for everyone.