Hengtian Baolisi Appears at 2017 International (Spring and Summer) Popular Yarn Exhibition


From February 27 to March 2, 2017, the 2017 International Spring and Summer Popular Yarn Exhibition was held in Shanghai. This SPINEXPO exhibition is the first time that our company has held a special exhibition, which has the largest number of exhibitors, the most abundant exhibits and the highest satisfaction since the exhibition was held, and has achieved a historic breakthrough. The booth of the company is elaborately designed, fresh and fashionable, attracting many domestic and foreign manufacturers to stay and understand. The customers who attended the exhibition included first-line brand companies such as Yaying Group, Hermans, Golith, Taipingbird, etc., showing strong interest in our products.

In this exhibition, our company introduced Yuansi series products. Yuansi is a 100% natural degradable pollution-free regenerated cellulose fiber, which is soft and comfortable, bright after dyeing, and has the feel and elegant luster of real silk. In addition to the yuan silk products, it also launched a variety of fine count bio based yarns, such as Tianchan silk, Lisha yarn, Hilary yarn, Vinegar Tiansi yarn, etc. This new type of yarn conforms to the current trend, has good skin affinity and drapability, and is suitable for spring and summer clothing. Its excellent quality has been widely concerned.